A Reservation System with a POS that offers you money back & more! It provides guest services planning and offers100% satisfaction guarantee to you and your guests. Superior customer service is what separates great companies from good ones. What if your customers could not only make a reservation on-line, but also choose their table, order their food, and pre-pay, all before stepping foot in your restaurant? What if you had a database at your fingertips that contained relevant information about your most important clients so you could surprise them on special occasions such as a birthday or anniversary? What if this database could be shared across your entire company, no matter how big or small?


  • Company Funded : Date: 2014
  • Products/Services: Reservation Plus; A social Network Marketing Platform
  • Venture Funded Funds: $350,000.00
  • Venture Funded Type: Private Equity
  • Company's Webpage: