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Technologies develops software applications for business services and provides consulting services. GN-Networks LPT develops and provides web based solutions and applications for businesses in the hospitality industry and for those that provide services to the general population. Our web-based solutions can be customized to meet our client needs and the needs of their customers


  • Company Funded : Date: 2014
  • Products/Services: Reservation Plus; A social Network Marketing Platform
  • Venture Funded Funds: $350,000.00
  • Venture Funded Type: Private Equity
  • Company's Webpage:



DISCOVER PSSTAR A Social media and Market Place Platform

PSStar is a Media News, Social networks and a market place for individual and Business registered users of PSstar. Medan news features news from variety of news media and news organization and also featured PSStar media news original news and information content. PSstar market place allow business to market their products and services to PSStar register users. PSstar Social networks, allow registered uses to use PSStar social networks platform to engage in variety of social networks activities


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A Reservation System with a POS that offers you money back & more! It provides guest services planning and offers 100% satisfaction guarantee to you and your guests. Superior customer service is what separates great companies from good ones. What if your customers could not only make a reservation on-line, but also choose their table, order their food, and pre-pay, all before stepping foot in your restaurant? What if you had a database at your fingertips that contained relevant information about your most important clients so you could surprise them on special occasions such as a birthday or anniversary? What if this database could be shared across your entire company, no matter how big or small?

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